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WeFilterH2O - Q&A

What type of water does your system provide? 

Our system provides Reverse Osmosis water suitable for human consumption. Additionally, we offer Alkaline filters to remineralize your water. 

How does your filtration system work?

Our filtration system uses 5 stages of filtration. 

The first stage of the system filtration is a Sediment Filter, This will remove any particulate matter or solids in your water including dirt rust, and algae.

The second stage of the system filtration is a Granulated Carbon Filter, this will start to remove chemicals from water including chlorine and fluoride.

The third stage of the system filtration is a Block Carbon Filter. This filter will further remove any chemicals & volatile organic compounds from your water.

The fourth stage of the filtration system is an RO Membrane.  The RO Membrane will remove 99% of organics, dissolved salts, pyrogens, and Bacteria including Lead, Arsenic, and asbestos.

The fifth stage of the filtration system is a Post Carbon Filter. This filter will remove any taste or odors from the water storage tank.

The sixth and final stage of our system is an optional Alkaline Filter. This filter adjusts the PH of water with healthy minerals to achieve an ideal PH for human consumption.

Can my house or apartment possibly have lead pipes? 

Yes, any pipes that were installed before 1970 are likely to have lead. Lead could still be used in pipes up till roughly 1990.  If you live in the greater Montreal area you can use this Interactive Map to see if you are likely to have lead in your pipes.

Can my house or apartment possibly have asbestos cement pipes in Canada?

Yes, according to CTV roughly 85 communities in Canada still have asbestos cement pipes. View this map to see if you could be in one of these communities affected by this. 

Will filtered water come out of our faucet?

No, we will install a separate water faucet that is designated for our water filtration system.

Can your filtration system be connected to our fridge?

Yes, we can connect our water system to your fridge. For more information about this view this page.

Does your water filtration system remove all beneficial minerals from my water?

Yes, our system will remove 99+% of everything from your water including beneficial minerals from your water. However, we offer alkaline filters that can help to add beneficial minerals back to your water. Moreover, according to Health Canada tap water is only a minor source of beneficial minerals when compared to food. Read more on their website. 

What percent of impurities are removed from my water?

Our filtration system removes 99+% of impurities from your drinking water.

Will my water have a taste once filtered?  

No, our 5-stage system will not have a taste. Everything is removed from the water. When using an additional alkaline filter the water will have a taste since beneficial minerals are being added back into the water. 

Can I test my water for impurities myself?

Yes, you can use a TDS meter to test the ppm of your water. Ideally, you want below 20 ppm in your water. If you are using an alkaline filter it will bring up the ppm of your water. 

How can I tell If my filters are still working?

You can test the ppm of your water with a TDS meter. Our system very rarely stops functioning before your scheduled filter changes and when it does the filters will typically be clogged and you will simply stop having water altogether. 

How Long does it take to install your filtration system?

It takes roughly 30 minutes to 1 hour to install your filtration system. If we are connecting a water cooler or a fridge to our purification system it can take roughly an additional hour. Installation time will vary with every house so we can not give an exact time frame.

Will your system filter all the water in our home? 

No, our system will only filter up to 50GPD that is stored in a water storage tank and then comes out of its own designated faucet. 

Can your filters remove impurities from my whole home?

Our system will not remove impurities from your entire house only in the water that comes out of its specific faucet. To remove impurities from your whole home you will need a whole home filtration system for this. We would still recommend using our system for the water that you consume to drink or for cooking. Most whole-home systems do not typically provide RO water.  

What temperature will my filtered water be?

Our water system will store purified water at the temperature that the water comes into your house and then it will become room temperature in the storage tank. If you want hot or cold water our system can be connected to your fridge or to a water-cooling device by our technicians.

Can your system refrigerate or heat my water? 

No our system only has room-temperature water. If you want hot or cold water our system can be connected to your fridge or to a water-cooling device by our technicians. 

Will the water pressure from your system be the same as my faucets? 

Our faucet will have less pressure than a typical faucet. Unlike your other household faucets, our system uses a pressurized water storage tank to get the water out of the faucet. The more pressure that is added to your tank the less water that will enter your storage tank. We strive to do our best to balance water pressure and storage capacity.  

Does your system provide unlimited filtered water? 

No, it will provide up to 50GPD and has a storage tank that contains up to 3.2 gallons a t a time. We can however add additional storage tanks if you require more water storage.  

What should I do after you install my water filtration system?

If we are installing your filtration system we will flush your filters before installation. If you are installing our filtration system you will need to flush the filters before use. Once this is done we recommend that you fill up your storage tank (2-3 hours) and let it drain out 2-3 times. 

Also, it is important to keep an eye on the system to make sure nothing leaks for the first 12-24 hours. 

What do I do if my filtration system is malfunctioning? 

If you purchase our monthly service just give us a call and we will come to take a look at what is going on. If you do not pay our monthly service then we can come and figure out the problem. We charge a one time 100$ fee as well as any parts or filters needed to get your system functioning again. If you are not in our local service area then you can contact your local plumber or water purification technician. We will be more that happy to answer any questions you may have simply contact us now. 

What happens if my water filtration system leaks? 

Our systems are all installed with a leak-detecting device that is designed to stop any water from leaking from our filtration system. This system when wet will stop the flow of water to our filters. 

What do I do if my water purification system is leaking?

Our systems very rarely have leaks however, in the case of a water leak it will be important to close the water valves that lead to the filters and to drain any water in your storage tank. 

Upon installation of our system, we will give very clear instructions on how to turn off the water system in case of any leak and we will indicate with tags on your system what needs to be closed in the case of any leak. 

If for any reason the instructions provided can not be followed the last resort is to turn off the main water line to your home.  

If you have purchased our system online or do not pay our monthly service you can contact us for assistance or contact a local plumber or water purification technician. If you are in our service area and do not pay for our monthly service a one-time fee of 100$  will be charged to come and verify what is wrong with your system as well as the price of any parts or filters needed to fix your filtration system. 

My filtration system no longer has water coming out of the faucet, How come? 

There can be several possibilities for this. First, make sure all valves are in the on position of your filtration system. Secondly try to pick up your storage tank, if it is empty then your filters are most likely clogged, you can try to flush your membrane with the flush valve on your membrane.

If your tank is full then your tank is most likely missing air pressure or broken. you can turn on your faucet and try to add pressure to the tank with a bike pump. 

Is your water filtration system good for my plants? 

Our system is great for your plants. Just keep in mind that our system removes all nutrients from the water so it will be beneficial to fertilize your plants.

Is your water filtration system safe for my pet animals?

Yes just like humans it is beneficial for your pets to not drink all the contaminants that are in plastic. 

Is your system good for my fish and aquarium water? 

Our filtration system is great to use for your aquarium it removes everything harmful to fish from the water. However fish need various levels of PH so the filtered water must be remineralized according to the type of fish you have. 

If I empty my storage tank completely how long will it take to refill completely?

Our systems can filter 50 gallons per day which is 2.08 gallons per hour. Our storage tanks can hold 3.2 gallons of water so it should take roughly 1.5 hours for the tank to fill when it is completely emptied.

How do you install the system? 

Our professional technicians will come to your home to install the filtration system. It will take roughly 30 minutes to 1h to install the system. We will need access to an electrical outlet as well as a clear working area on and below your sink.

Will it damage my house to install the system? 

In order to install the purification system we will need to make a small 1/4-inch hole in your drain pipe for any wastewater as well as a 1/2-inch hole in your sink. Some may consider this damage or it can be considered a renovation to your home that brings up the value of your home. If you decide to remove our system the holes can be easily closed or capped and is included in our price if you decide to move your system to a new location. 

Can I be a tenant and have your purification system? 

As with any modifications to your apartment when renting permission should be asked from your landlord to install our purification system. If your landlord has questions we would be happy to answer them. 

What maintenance is required for your system? Do I have to clean the system?  

If you are buying our filtration system you will need to change the filters yourself as well as flush the filters and system yourself. If you are paying for our monthly service you will not have to do any maintenance we will take care of everything for you with scheduled appointments. 

Does it cost anything to install the purification system? 

We charge a one-time fee to install your filtration system you can learn more by visiting this page.  

What should I do with my filtration system If I go on vacation?

If you are leaving your home for an extended period we advise that you drain the water out of your water storage tank and we recommend that you close the main water line to your house to avoid leaks of any part of your home’s plumbing. Upon returning to your home we recommend that you allow your water storage tank to fill up for 2h and then drain it completely. Repeat this process 3-4 times. 

If you are leaving for 1-2 weeks simply close your main waterline and drain 1-2 tanks out of your water storage tank when you return.

Does your company cover any damage that can happen from water damage in the case of a leak in our filtration system? 

No, like with anything that has water in your home parts can break or be defective. We advise all homeowners or tenants to have insurance that will cover any water damage from anything that uses water in your home.