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Filter Changes

No matter what water filtration system that you use one thing is common to all systems, you need to change your filters. Generally Sediment filters will last 6-12 months, Carbon filters will last 9-18 months and RO Membranes will last 18-24 months.

No matter what kind of drinking water filtration system you use we can help you make a plan of when to change your filters depending on your family size as well as your water consumption.

Filter change will take anywhere from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours.


Cost TO Change Your Filters

The cost to change your filters in a water filtration system that was not sold to you from WeFilterH2O is a one-time fee of 125$. 

This fee does not include the fee to purchase filters compatible with your filtration system. Not sure what filters to use for your system? We can help. 

Cost TO Change Your FIlters In A WeFilterH2O System

If you purchased your water filtration system from WeFilterH2o and you live in the Greater Montreal Area we can change your Filters for a one time fee of: 

5-Stage Filtration System 175$

6-stage Filtration System 200$

This fee includes the filters being replaced. 

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