6-Stage Water Filtration Service


Our 6-Stage Water Filtration Service will provide up to 50 gallons per day of reverse osmosis RO water that is remineralizer to achieve the proper PH for human consumption. With a simple monthly fee of 34.99$, we will take care of everything for your filtration system. (Includes all the parts needed to install the filtration systems as well as all the equipment to filter your water, yearly maintenance and filter changes, service calls and replacement of any defective or broken parts.)

This service is only available in the Greater Montreal Area and surrounding areas. Please Contact Us to see if your neighborhood is covered by WeFilterH2O.  This service can not be purchased online.

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 How The Filtration System Functions

Our 6-Stage Water Filtration System requires no electricity only a connection to your water supply and a drain for any dirty water. Once this is set up the filters will remove up to 99% of all contaminants from your water and store up to 50 GPD in a water reservoir. When you want water for food or cooking you simply turn on the faucet for the RO system and you know that you are getting quality filtered water.


The 6-Stages

The first stage of the system filtration is a Sediment Filter, This will remove any particulate matter or solids in your water including dirt rust, and algae.

The second stage of the system filtration is a Granulated Carbon Filter, this will start to remove chemicals from water including chlorine and fluoride.

The third stage of the system filtration is a Block Carbon Filter. This filter will further remove any chemicals & volatile organic compounds from your water.

The fourth stage of the filtration system is an RO Membrane.  The RO Membrane will remove 99% of organics, dissolved salts, pyrogens, and Bacteria including Lead, Arsenic, and asbestos.

The fifth stage of the filtration system is a Post Carbon Filter. This filter will remove any taste or odors from the water storage tank.

The sixth and final stage of the filtration system is an Alkaline Filter. This filter adjusts the PH of water with healthy minerals to achieve an ideal PH for human consumption.


Some Other Benefits Of Our Water Filtration System Include


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